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Tom Lehrer used to introduce his song about nuclear tests by informing audiences he had once worked at the Los Alamos testing site. “I had a job there as a spy.” When the people laughed, he added they ought to know that everyone working there had been a spy of one persuasion or another. The whole COVID thing is rapidly beginning to look rather like that, so here’s an update on the current evidence, as a kind of DIY conspiracy construction kit. In all seriousness, looking at the various established motives might help, in Sherlock Holmes fashion, to “exclude the impossible” and come closer to the truth. Or it might just confuse us.

For starters, here is the excellent new Australian documentary on the Wuhan lab leak, if YouTube don’t take it down because Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo are interviewed. To me it establishes beyond reasonable doubt that there was a lab leak at Wuhan in the second half of 2019. And it shows that the CCP covered it up whilst optimizing conditions for it to spread across both China and the world, by holding international games and the Chinese New year celebrations, condemning Trump’s travel ban, eliminating whistlebowers and so on and so on.

So was it a lab leak of genuine medical research, or the accidental release of a biological weapon, or a deliberate deployment of the latter? And was the cover-up just a Chernobyl-like cock-up from habitual Communist secrecy, or the weaponisation of an accident so as not to let a good crisis go to waste, or a deliberate strategy for causing maximum harm across the world in aid of the Revolution? What were the faked videos of people dropping dead or being welded into homes supposed to achieve?

The video linked above discusses the damning evidence that the real situation was known, and covered up, by Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak and, indeed, by the whole network of associated virologists that was in some way involved in the gain-of-function studies at Wuhan. It doesn’t mention the evidence that has come out that US virologists actually took out patents on key elements found in SARS-CoV-2 years before it became pandemic.

Were some, or all of these people simply being careless about well-meaning research but willing to let millions die by hiding their involvement? Or were they useful idiots of the CCP military, or even willing allies in a weapons program or even a deliberate weapon-release? The Fauci e-mails show some initial soul-searching (“Could this be one of ours?”) which allays the worst suspicions about, at least, some of those involved. But only the worst suspicions.

Public health officials
An immediate issue here is the the most influential health official of the world is that same Anthony Fauci, already deeply implicated in the origins cover-up because he funded the research. And UK’s Patrick Vallance was also in on the conference of “experts” where the discussion of the lab-leak was shut down. They in turn have close links to the WHO whose job it is to take the lead on pandemics.

I would expect people like Fauci, if desperate to divert attention from their accidental triggering of a pandemic, to become overnight heroes by the most effective implementation of previously agreed pandemic plans. But instead, we now know that they tore all the established science up, and followed the lead of a WHO widely known to be corrupted by the CCP, which policies in turn came directly from the Chinese government. Should we put that down to sheer incompetence, or to the desire to maximise economic and social ruin from what, quite early on, was known to be a major danger only to the sick and elderly? Why would one pour petrol on the fire from a foreign missile-strike, even if it were accidental?

Big Pharma
The WHO was known to be corrupted by vaccine companies back in 2009, and the links of virologists to the pharmaceutical corporations, including through GAVI, are also pretty well-known. At the very least, Pfizer and the rest have a huge financial interest in producing vaccines which everyone in the world will need to take forever and suppressing effective off-label drugs. That would be motive enough for taking opportunistic advantage of a pandemic. But things get even murkier when one realises that Bill Gates, a major funder of GAVI, WHO and Big Pharma, has been pushing the imminent risk of a pandemic and the need for universal vaccination for a couple of decades. Would such agents actually engineer, or co-operate in, a deliberately induced pandemic to make their products necessary? It would seem unthinkable, if Fauci hadn’t said years ago that the risk of a pandemic was a small price to pay for the benefits of gain-of-function work:, and if Daszak hadn’t made references to shareholder profits in some of his proposals. Care for individuals does not appear to be a priority in these circles.

It is astonishing how soon after the outbreak of COVID Klaus Schwab’s book on The Great Reset was published, saying what a unique opportunity it provided to recalibrate the world. Mere opportunism? Or might a deliberately engineered pandemic not be “a small price to pay” for the overturning of a corrupt world order and the introduction of Utopia? Such thinking is common amongst revolutionaries, after all, who value omelettes but not the eggs broken to make them.

But more than that – those involved in such WEF thinking include many of the entities already mentioned: Bill Gates, GAVI, the big pharmaceutical companies, the UN and WHO. And let us not forget the praise heaped on the Chinese system by Schwab. Are they all independently desirous of the same goals, or are the easily traceable networks actually functional in bringing them about using their power and wealth?

Yesterday’s post linked to an analysis showing that UK health systems have been rigged to maximise the supposed impact of COVID, and today HART, independently, demonstrates that the effects of the Delta variant have been wildly exaggerated. Meanwhile, I’m currently reading Laura Dodsworth’s A State of Fear, the definitive study on how behavioural psychology has been, and still is, used here apparently to maximise the damage caused to the population. Worldwide, politicians have not been mopping up the Chinese mess, but turning a drama into a crisis.

As with the public health leaders, it is possible to explain this by their incompetence, or by their listening incompetently to the public health leaders’ incompetence. The Australian video certainly suggests that the Trump administration was guilty of failing to challenge Fauci adequately, rather than being in collusion with him, or the WHO, or China. It’s less clear under the Biden administration, given his compromised financial dealings with the CCP revealed on the Hunter Biden laptop, and his radical socialist agenda.

But it doesn’t seem possible to separate politicians from these other players in any rational way, and not only because they keep spouting WEF mantras like “Build Back Better,” but because the most repressive of them have been trained by the WEF – Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, and Justin Trudeau for example. And Matt Hancock too is employed by them. But this apart, they seem inordinately fond of Big Pharma shares, of being big players on the UN stage, of Gates Foundation funding and of pretending there are no reasons for their lockstep approach to policy. For example, Boris Johnson acts as if vaccine passports are his government’s own highly deliberated policy, when we know the actual schemes are already being contracted to suppliers under the umbrella of The Good Health Pass Initiative, which was initiated by ID2020, which in turn was founded by Bill Gates, GAVI, Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation in 2016 to bring digital identities to every human in the world. Vaccine passports were earmarked for mandatory use before there was ever a pandemic, which inevitably raises the question of whether the pandemic is the intended means to that end.

We could add sections on the world intelligence community and civil services (the deep state), the role of a Gates- and Soros-funded press and ideologically and financially lockstepped social media, corrupted scientific journals and professional bodies, and so on, but the same possible unpleasant motivations for their involvement in how things are, and the same financial and organisational links, would simply be rendered even more labyrinthine.

So, are there lots of messy conspiracies, or just one big one? Or – if you prefer fantasies – is it just an interconnected web of incompetence that has brought the world to its knees by accident? Maybe they’re all spies, but none of them realises the others are in the same game. As I have said before, it is really no surprise to find intelligent people filling the inevitable gaps in knowledge with Illuminati, Freemasons or alien lizard people.

Me, I’m happy to remain somewhat agnostic on the hidden details, and to affirm that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. In practice, that reminds me that whilst it is important to get to the bottom of the deception we actually experience around us, the effective response needs to be the weapons of the Spirit: truth , with righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation and the word of God. They do not sound very effective against a global conspiracy, but I am assured that appearances can be deceptive.

Spy vs Spy vs Spy – remember MAD Magazine?

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  1. Ben says:

    “affirm that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. I think this is literally true – in the sense that when organisations get beyond a certain size, they become entities with their own ‘powers’, and even the top people become puppets of the ‘spirit’ of the entity, with limited scope for changing anything (less the system spit them out).

    I also don’t think that you need a global ‘conspiracy’ if everyone is already ‘on the same page’ – they will all react in the same fashion because they all think in the same way and have the same ideals. This is the ‘advantage’ of Davos.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      There has been a good deal of theological reflection on this, especially since the Holocaust gave an undeniable example of pure evil.

      The “liberal” end of the spectrum saw Paul’s words as referring purely to the “more than the sum of the parts” effect of large human entities, of course v. the traditional interpretation of satanic supernatural powers.

      My own conclusion, which I discuss both in Generations of Heaven and Earth and Seeing through Smoke is that both are true, but that the biblical teaching includes both a personal agency which is to be judged, and refernce to “the heavenly realms,” which seems to me to do better justice to the Greek than the “high places” of translations probably influenced by the sociological interpretation.

      Either way, your point that a deep-laid human global conspiracy is unnecessary to explain mass-evil is true. Humanly speaking, for example, it appears that in the case of the Holocaust, the most senior Nazis simply ordered their minions to “solve the problem,” and the minions competed with each other to ingratiate themselves to the leaders by their zeal. The squaddies simply followed the crowd in doing evil.

      At each level, perhaps, the evil was more banal than the sum of depravity, but at least some historians have argued that there was no detailed master plan. My position would be that there was a plan (as described in scriptural prophecy), at the supernatural level, but executed through human selfishness, common interests, and so on.

      At the same time, there is truth to be found in exploring how all the disparate interest came to think the same way.

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