Dangerous liars (running the show)

Before the COVID vaccines actually materialised, one of the big doubts from those in the know was that no mRNA vaccine had ever gone beyond the animal testing stage because of severe toxicity, so no such vaccines had been successfully produced. Some of us expressed concern that “Warp Speed” and the British equivalent delivered so quickly only by omitting the animal stages. Now we have had a year or more of experience of them, it’s becoming more obvious than ever that the original doubts were correct – we still haven’t produced an effective mRNA vaccine, or one that isn’t seriously toxic.

On effectiveness, the progressive backtracking of the official narrative that 50 million shots (in the UK) would end the pandemic has ended in us all now knowing several triple-vaxxed people with Omicron. More concerning, there is increasing evidence across the world that at this stage, being vaccinated makes you more susceptible to COVID than being unvaccinated, and no less susceptible to dying. That this means the vaccines are rubbish is easy to see if you switch off the BBC, step back and think. The various fudges to escape that conclusion (such as that we are underestimating the overall population and hence the number of unvaccinated) are wearing thin from Iceland to Israel, and the same is true closer to home.

On toxicity, see this exhaustively detailed summary, and refute it if you can.

In all the murky aspects of COVID, from the lab leak to Big Pharma corruption, Anthony Fauci’s role has kept cropping up. He’s a slippery character, adept at charming the public and obfuscating, but it’s now clear as day that both he, and the head of the CDC Rochelle Walensky, are willing to tell blatant, easily testable, lies in public and before the US Senate, presumably assuming they will get away with it because the public is stupid, and the part of the Senate that cares is impotent. It is spelt out in this clip.

Watch (please! Especially if you are inclined to respect government scientists’ word) the response to the senator’s question about the vaccine adverse reaction reporting system, VAERS, that is given by the head of the CDC, and reinforced almost word for word by the head of the NIAID – the latter man the most influential source of COVID policy in the entire world. The questioner contrasts the hundred or so annual reports of flu-vaccine deaths with the thousands of deaths reported from COVID vaccines so far.

Their reply is that any death following a vaccination, even a road traffic accident, must be reported and so will skew the apparent death count. As Bret Weinstein on the clip rightly points out, this is nonsense on stilts and a deliberate lie, compounded by repetition.

In the first place, any such misattribution of cause would affect all VAERS reporting, and not just COVID vaccines. More importantly, though, anyone with any knowledge of such reporting systems – and especially the head of the agency that administers one – knows that there is simply no way that a fortuitous road death would ever, ever, be reported under it… though the CDC and other national agencies have become notorious for attributing such accidents to COVID if the victim subsequently tests positive on a PCR. Projection, or what?

I understand that the VAERS paperwork is particularly irksome, but even the British Yellow Card system, which I used frequently in my career, takes a commitment to spending time on it. VAERS, UK’s Yellow Card, Europe’s EudraVigilance, New Zealand’s Medsafe, and the rest, rely on the suspicion of a doctor, or sometimes a member of the public, of a link between a medication and an adverse event. That is what they are, and they consistently under-report because doctors are unsuspicious, lazy, or brainwashed by slogans like “safe and effective” or “damaging vaccine uptake.” Any doctor linking a road accident to a vaccine would be committed to an asylum,

Walensky knows this, because she oversees the system, and Fauci knows this, and for both to state anything else in a public hearing is as outright a deception as it would be for them to say that all medicines in the US are free. There can have been no mistake – the head of both key agencies told the same lie, in virtually the same words. That is called collusion.

Walensky and Fauci then both go on to say that their organisations have the actual figures for vaccine deaths, but can’t call them to mind and will get their people to send them on. Forget how incredible it is for the people who brought the vaccines in, and have been called before the Senate to give an account, should not even have a ballpark figure for vaccine deaths in their heads – that would demonstrate complete incompetence. But as Weinstein and Heyling point out, if they discredit the VAERS system there is no possible way that they could know how many the vaccines have killed, because VAERS is the system for flagging it up. So they are not only lying about the nature of VAERS, but lying about having data they cannot possibly possess, and therefore cannot (and will not) send on to the Senator questioning them.

These lies have massive consequences: over 20,000 vaccine deaths have been reported under VAERS (compare just under 2,000 in the UK and 36,000 under EudraVigilance), and a conservative estimate of under-reporting rates would suggest actual suspicious deaths at an order of magnitude higher. In fact, that would total around 25% of the official US figure for COVID deaths, and probably quite close to the number who actually died from, rather than with, COVID. If VAERS data is being sidelined (and in some reported cases deleted), then none of these iatrogenic deaths are being properly investigated, whilst the vaccines are not only still being given, but mandated, around the world, ensuring many more such unnecessary tragedies.

It takes more than one man to conspire to commit genocide – and even more than one man and one woman. Yet as things stand, Anthony Fauci is deeply implicated in the research programme that in all likelihood led to the unleashing of SARS-CoV-2 on the world, in the cynical cover-up of those origins, and now implicates himself, by his own blatant lies, in a cover up of the ill-effects of the vaccines that were produced under his administration (and in the case of Moderna’s, provide him with lucrative royalties).

I suppose it is barely possible that Fauci and Walensky are lying blatantly in this hearing, but are truthful and honest in all the matters less open to easy checking. But personally, I wouldn’t buy a used car from either of them.

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  1. Levi says:

    You are doing exceptional work on this blog, Jon. It is much appreciated!

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Levi – your appreciation is much appreciated! I guess I’m one of many who are essentially joining the dots on what others are saying/writing, to bring just a few more people into the discussion, and encourage whatever particular folks stumble on to this blog.

      Of course, I also have a particular angle as both a retired medic and a Christian.

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