A great COVID overview (doesn’t spare the authorities)

This “deep dive” by Julius Ruechel will give you an excellent handle on why the pandemic is doing just what it is in the various countries of the world at the moment, from which you will be able to make predictions about your own nation. It deals especially with the total disappearance and patchy return of influenza, whether Omicron is genuinely mild or the kind of danger SAGE feared, and how all the lockdowns and vaccines have failed. Overall, the message echoes what I said nearly two years ago: there is a good reason why God gave us an immune system and not a social distancing instinct. You’ll learn far more from it than from two years of government and mainstream media “science”.

This stark contrast in the quality of argument and data is maybe shown by a more closely-focused series of articles on the UK government’s “research” on face-masks, by Hector Drummond. It naturally demolishes the execrable “new evidence” Sajid Javid used to justify masking schools last month, which is admittedly not a difficult task (though apparently beyond the teachers’ unions). But more indicative of the sorry depths to which the whole of science has fallen is his critique of the study that bore the imprimatur of the Royal Society. I can’t resist including this expression of sheer frustration from Drummond, on the Chinese study the RS used that led directly to the 2020 mask mandate:

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m not crazy about everyone in Britain being forcibly muzzled on the basis of a single worthless non-randomized paper with loads of confounds from almost two decades ago with wide confidence intervals in a no-reputation Chinese journal on a disease with very different characteristics and which is not even in English and has incredible results that have never been seen before or since, and which was performed by either a student or a Chinese state employee, and which has been filtered through and spun by an activist University department who I wouldn’t trust to go to the store without them radically changing the shopping list based on their political beliefs. No thanks.

No, tell us what you really think, Hector!

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