Local adverse vaccine reactions

My son planned his wedding over a year ago, reasoning that COVID restrictions would be long-forgotten by then. The mask mandate, in the event was over – with just three days to spare. At least in England, barring the NHS vaccine mandate, which was only cancelled today. Time flies when you’re oppressed, doesn’t it?

At this auspicious family gathering, at which rather depressingly I and Mrs G were “the elderly couple in the corner,” I picked up on the status of a few probable adverse vaccine reactions. I rarely, if ever, came across significant vaccine reactions even when I was a GP, when the MMR/autism scare was in full swing. Now likely candidates for vaccine damage are everywhere you look.

I heard about a young man, aged 33, who’d died of a cardiac arrest. No reported link to vaccines, but before COVID, how many people of that age had you ever heard of suffering a cardiac arrest? The odd booze-soaked rock star, or the rare teenage sportsman with cardiomyopathy. But that’s it for me, until last year. My informant didn’t even consider vaccination as a possible factor, despite all the people dropping dead on football fields this year. Vaccines are safe and effective, you see, as everybody knows because it’s in the catechism.

A woman, also in her thirties, has been diagnosed with an aggressive tumour. Stuff happens, of course, but you’ll be aware of the immuno-suppressive properties of the micro-RNA complexes in the vaccines, and how they cross the blood brain barrier. And the timing from the vaccine roll-out for that age not long before her diagnosis is also suspicious. This would be consistent with the new whistleblower report from US forces doctors, which shows an increase in cancer cases from a five-year average of 38,700 to 114,645 in 2021.

My last example was actually reported to me as a vaccine side-effect, soon after it had occurred last year. A case of severe tinnitus, also in someone in their thirties, it is as bad as ever several months on, despite numerous specialist consultations. My informant hoped it will eventually settle – but there seems no reason why it should. Tinnitus can be a devastating condition, especially when associated with permanent nerve damage such as the spike protein can cause.

The dreadful thing about these three cases close to my family (on the assumption that there is a vaccine link), is that none of the sufferers had any need whatsoever to get COVID vaccination in the first place. The ONS stats show that for otherwise healthy people in their 30s, the total number of “COVID only” deaths over the two years has been only 165.

It does not appear that most of the medical profession has clocked that risk/benefit imbalance at all. For example, the British Tinnitus Association website recognises tinnitus as a COVID vaccine injury, but spends the first few paragraphs of its webpage promulgating a “safe and effective” message which is not even within its remit, culminating in this:

The safety update report of 5 January 2022 from the MHRA estimates that 51.8 million first doses of the vaccines had been given, 47.4 million second doses and 34.8 million third or ‘booster’ vaccines.

A total of 431,482 Yellow Cards reporting adverse effects have been received.

A total of 6,898 reports of tinnitus were made.

This means that around 1 in 7,500 people who have been vaccinated are affected which classifies this side effect as ‘rare’.

They appear to have gone one step further than others, like the MHRA, who have spent their time saying how unreliable the Yellow Card system is and that none of the serious side effects (like the 2000 or so deaths) can be attributed to the vaccines… so don’t need to be investigated. In the past, even 50 Yellow Card deaths has led to drugs or vaccines being pulled off the market, but hey-ho, science has moved on now.

But as I say, the Tinnitus Association takes the stats at face value. But they should know better than to do so, because it is well-established that systems like the Yellow Card consistently under-report adverse reactions by an order of magnitude or more. They are intended to flag up problems, not to quantify them. It is therefore likely that the rate of permanent, debilitating tinnitus after COVID vaccination is closer to 1:750 than 1:7500, and that is a lot of serious suffering for upwards of 70,000 people across the country, from one non-fatal condition alone. Since most of us will not know one unless they know 750 people, the problem remains invisible, like the 1:1000-1:3000 rate of myocarditis in young males. But that’s why there’s a Yellow Card system… or that was the reason, back in the day when it was not ignored.

None of those tinnitus sufferers are likely to be considered more than 60% disabled, the threshold for government compensation (“You can still walk!”) and so neither from the state nor the contractually indemnified manufacturers can they gain any redress. And since they were told verbally (on TV) that vaccines are safe and effective, they’ve done the informed consent bit anyway, as far as that has been done during this vaccine rollout.

Let me know about people you know who have had significant vaccine effects – so far I’ve come across far more than I have people who know anyone with a fatal or debilitating case of COVID.

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  1. waveydavey says:

    Our Story. Were both in our early 70’s. Roll back 10-12 years ago when my wife had a really sore finger joint, she was at the time diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. Fast forward now through all those years with virtually no deterioration in her condition. Then two weeks following her second Covid jab (Astra Zeneca) she was literally laid low when her immune system went to town on virtually every joint in her body, neck, arms, wrists, knees and ankle. She wasn’t in a great place but got a reasonably quick appointment to see her GP. Prescribed pain relief and an urgent request off to the Rheumatology Department in our local hospital. Our initial thoughts were… this appointment could be some time before any it arrives through our letterbox, given the crisis running through our hospitals.
    Thankfully she received a hospital appointment reasonably quickly and attended an appointment with the consultant.
    She is now taking Methotrexate for her condition and has to be reasonably careful now. Thankfully today she is in a better place. There were times when we thought is this it… in our third age and not able to enjoy good health and well-being. We did have our booster but thought long and hard about doing so. I have no doubt that more stories like this will bubble to the top in the months and years ahead.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      Thanks for the feedback, and welcome. I’m glad your wife has responded to medication. Yours is the kind of story that, in an official atmosphere of concerted denial of vaccine adverse reactions, it would be easy to dismiss as coincidence.

      “Well, rheumatoid can flare up, and there is no proof that it was linked to the vaccine…”

      However, auto-immunity was predicted as a likely problem with mRNA vaccines and the viral vector type (like AstraZeneca), and has been prominent in reported adverse reactions: the severe exacerbation of Eric Clapton’s peripheral neuropathy comes to mind as a parallel case.

      Eventually the coincidence in timing will cumulatively prove the link (though if vaccination causes far later reactions we may never know without some easy test for micro-mRNA complexes or spike protein).

      Stay well!

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