Evil beyond conception

Is Boris Johnson being more liberal regarding COVID because he’s under political pressure from scandal, or is he under political pressure from scandal because he’s being more liberal regarding COVID? Certainly Britain, and specifically England as opposed to the devolved regions, is an outlier amongst the western nations in dispensing with mask mandates, vaccine passports and so on.

Given the irrational lockstep restrictions increasingly enforced by the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Western Europe, it is almost indisputable that someone above national level is pulling their strings. It can’t be “the science” without positing an equally international cabal of scientists coercing extraordinarily gullible politicians, and though the Faucis and Farrars of this world certainly act in such a role, it’s hard to believe they are its centre.

So whether Boris is a libertarian over whom someone has a hold, or whether he is a globalist apparatchik dancing around disillusioned public opinion, the fact is that England is asserting its liberty, and Johnson looks likely to lose his job (we may know this afternoon) because the people simply cannot tolerate the hypocrisy of a party-culture in Downing Street whilst the elderly and sick died alone, single parents were cooped up with unschooled children, and all the other now familiar (and totally predictable) effects of the lockdown policies it imposed.

Many have said that the partying is a relatively trivial matter. And so it is, whether the press or political opponents have exaggerated it or not. At least, it is trivial compared to the utterly incomprehensible scale of the evils lying behind the policy decisions over COVID.

On Monday I watched, live, the panel discussion organised by the courageous Senator Ron Johnson, which you can see here. It has a cast of some of the doctors and scientists familiar to lockdown skeptics, some less familiar but equally meritorious nurses, some vaccine-damaged patients and assorted others like lawyers. The focus is on the US vaccine mandates for medical staff, so a good deal of the discussion is on the human rights aspect of that. But there is also a decent amount, some of it unfamiliar to me, about the extent and mechanisms of vaccine adverse reactions.

Certain structural issues account for, but do not fully explain, the dire treatment of patients with COVID in most US health settings. The corrupt control of Big Pharma over the regulatory agencies and even the medical journals shows how effective management has been deliberately suppressed in order to push expensive, ineffective and lethal patent drugs like Remdesevir and the vaccines.

One example given is the biasing of studies of steroids that resulted in fixed guidelines recommending a blanket 6mg daily of Dexamethasone (less than I would use even for acute asthma), when high success rates require several times that dose. The protocols also exclude the use of methyl-prednisolone, a steroid which has proved more effective in practice. This matches similar “set up to fail” trials of other treatments. The clear aim was to limit steroids’ effectiveness, and so increase Remdesevir use. But it is harrowing to hear one of the physicians describe how he is forced daily to stand by and watch ICU patients die because he is forbidden to increase their steroid dose.

A further step in the logic of the system failure is that the insurance companies will only pay for treatment according to the official guidelines, thus encouraging the hospital administrators to issue draconian edicts forbidding their doctors to prescribe whole lists of drugs (though only for COVID), on pain of being sacked or even losing their licence. Such lists even ban the use of Ascorbic Acid, vitamin C. But who in the insurance companies set such limitations, and why?

It is the coercive control of doctors’ activity by administrators (and through them, by politicians) that is one of the newest and most perverse features of the pandemic. Another is the willingness with which so many doctors are willing to be mere pawns implementing bureaucratic guidelines from on high, instead of acting as professional clinicians.

One of the panel on the video points out a structural reason for this, in the relatively recent consolidation of hospitals under a few large providers, whose “branding” demands uniform protocols of the hospitals, and therefore of the doctors employed there. It would not, I suspect, take much research to find links between these big health providers and Big Pharma.

But that does not explain the craven compliance of all but a few cogs in the machine, nor the way in which this corrupt system has been reinforced by government, and news and social media. But however it works, it led one doctor on the panel to say that most who have died from COVID have done so because of their late and poor treatment, and it caused a prominent ICU nurse to say that it has turned American hospitals into concentration camps where patients are refused rights, advocacy – and even effective treatment.

Yet the specific pitfalls of the American health system do not explain the fact that similar issues have occurred all around the world. Here in Britain, for example, though we have a state-funded NHS, we have had our own treatment trials clearly set up to fail (by using inadequate doses, too late, and without supportive therapy) in order to favour patent drugs. I pointed this out in a letter to my GP, who knows my medical background, regarding the UK Ivermectin trial in which he is participating.

We in Britain have the same professional blindness to any alternative evidence (exemplified by my GP’s failure to answer my letter!). We have the same intimidation of clinical staff, the same blindness to vaccine adverse reactions, the same neglect of health problems unrelated to the all-encompassing COVID – and currently the same vaccine mandates for NHS staff, despite the clear evidence that the vaccines are worse than useless in preventing transmission (that is, they make it worse). Lockstep, wherever you look. And we have the same integrated burying of the issue outside the health system as the US – around 200,000 attended the London protest against the NHS vaccine mandate on Saturday, and many more marches in other cities. Despite many nurses symbolically throwing their uniforms into a heap, and formerly “heroic” frontline doctors speaking, it was virtually unreported.

All in all, then, the same disastrous failures have occurred in widely differing health systems, and that tells you that they are not due to system failures, but to those outcomes having been intended from the start, whatever the particular system in operation. Somebody, somewhere, was happy to consign hundreds of thousands of people to avoidable death for whatever their ultimate aims are. That is beyond a scandal.

Pause for a minute, and consider how many players there must be to enable such a global cock-up to be imposed on the whole population of the West. How much corruption in national and international health institutions, in government public health, in world leaders, in the media, in industry…

The video presentation includes a section where whistleblowers from the US armed forces (which has one of the best health databases in the world) show that the database has actually been doctored to erase a majority of vaccine injuries such as myocarditis. Even so, it has been unable to disguise the fact that the usual annual number of health problems in the US forces of (from memory) around 1.7 million has risen since compulsory vaccine rollout to around 20 million.

That any country should treat its “bravest and best” this way is beyond understanding, but whichever senior people are guilty of the coercion, and of covering up its effects, they must also know there are serious geo-political sequelae from damaging the health and morale of your armed forces at a time when war is potentially brewing in Ukraine or Taiwan. And they don’t even care about that.

I’ve thought a lot about grand conspiracies over the last few years, including how Satan’s final deception might work in practice. One need not, indeed one cannot, imagine a single secret conspiracy of millions of people.

If one takes the parallel of the Jewish Holocaust, one can see it as a plan at the demonic level. At the human level, one can blame Nazi antisemitism in a general sense – but theories don’t commit genocide. I’ve read that Hitler simply told his commanders to solve “the Jewish Problem,” and (perhaps) distanced himself from what might be needed to do that. The Nazi commanders vied with each other to outperform in their task, both out of their blind loyalty to and/or fear of the Fuehrer. No doubt those involved in the technical issues, including the bulk of the medical profession, managed to blind themselves to the human horror as they “followed the science,” whilst others used arguments about the greater good, or regarded only their own ambitions (including their ambition to survive in a corrupt system). Proverbially, of course, those in the lower echelons told themselves they were just obeying orders. And there were no doubt many who genuinely didn’t know what was going on – and culpably made it their business not to find out, or to condemn anyone who hinted at the evils in progress as anti-social.

As I’ve said before, there may or may not be a central secret cabal in order to make a global conspiracy work. Or there may be a number of separate cabals, loosely or not at all connected except by their exploitation of the same situation. All one needs for it to be the epitome of evil is the spirit of antichrist, whispering into sinful ears whatever they might like to hear.

But the thing about a really grand conspiracy of this type, essential for its success, is that ordinary people can have no conception that such evil is even possible. They must be deceived if they are to be recruited. Whether, if Boris Johnson falls, or is pushed, on his sword, he will be replaced by someone even more conspiratorially effective, I would still maintain that public wrongdoing must be publicly punished. And so the present anger of the British public against those who have hypocritically oppressed them in the name of protecting them is justified.

Yet if that happens through full revelation of the facts of the scandal, most people will still not know a hundredth of the truth. Partygate may simply be the highest that the people’s indignation will be able to reach for now, for they simply would not be able to believe the real extent of the moral rottenness.

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