Unexpected livestream on my book

Months ago I was put in touch with Rob Rowe, who has a YouTube apologetics channel based in Australia. I heard nothing until yesterday, when on a couple of hours notice he set up a livestream to discuss The Generations of Heaven and Earth, which together with Q&A lasted over two hours. Fortunately I hadn’t forgotten too much of what I’d written.

Welcome to any of Rob’s followers who have found their way here – please do look around eleven years of rambling! And thanks, Rob, for the opportunity to discuss my work at length – as you said yourself, such discussions are few and far between. For my usual customers, here is the livestream itself:

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Training in medicine (which was my career), social psychology and theology. Interests in most things, but especially the science-faith interface. The rest of my time, though, is spent writing, playing and recording music.
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  1. swamidass says:

    Glad to hear this happened!

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