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The root of Wesleyan views on providence

The Sermons of John Wesley – Sermon 67 On Divine Providence [extracts] “Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Luke 12:7.

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Bullfinches and genetics

Meet my friend, the bullfinch. It was our personal interaction which enabled me to get this photo last week.

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Why “Evolutionary Creation” is a poor term.

Michael Denton’s book Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis, on which I’ve been drawing in the last few posts, opens up some interesting thoughts on a divinely-ordained evolutionary process, because its emphasis on a law-driven structuralism and more or less saltational changes frees one up from having to concentrate on the dodgy metaphysics of open-ended Neodarwinism (it’s undirected, but mysteriousy produces order – purely Epicurean, as N T Wright stresses). And if that order is intended, it’s not even Epicurean, but incoherent: God doesn’t aim at anything, and hits it every time.

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Water, the building block of life

Well, by that I don’t mean what NASA means. Michael Denton in Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis argues from the the astonishing emergent properties of water, which I discussed in the last post, to the idea that similar emergent principles underlie many of the most important features of life, and hence of evolution. My title, then, is intended to suggest that similar principles are involved in the properties of water and life.

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Water, law and divine action

I want, in this post, to use the properties of water as a proxy for the kind of emergent structural laws for which Michael Denton argues in Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis. This is because it is a simple compound that is one of the examples he explores at length in his earlier book, Nature’s Destiny, to argue for the fine tuning of the universe for human life (pp.15-46).

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Denton, emergence and common descent

In between spotting rare birds in the reedbeds and sampling real ales in country pubs, I took the opportunity of some time away this week to read Michael Denton’s Evolution, Still a Theory in Crisis. As agreed by both Darrel Falk, former President of BioLogos and Sy Garte, respected colleague on The Hump of the Camel, in their respective reviews it is an important book, which is why I will put it on the Books We Like page at the earliest opportunity.

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God’s Good Earth – Conclusion

Here is a link to the short conclusion of my book, which completes the posting on The Hump.

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Citius, Altius, Fortius

Imagine you’re on a scientific grants committee (perhaps you are!). A young PhD comes to you and says, “I want a grant to investigate the physical explanation of the Babylonian theory of astrology.”

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Soothsayer, say your sooths

Just a quick observation on the BBC radio news this morning. For some reason, despite Leicester City winning the league, they were short enough of news to run a piece on three possible earthlike planets orbiting (as I understand it) a single star. So what else is new?

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God’s Good Earth – Chapter 11: What difference does it make, anyway?

Here is a link to chapter 11 of my book.

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