Here’s a new song/video I’ve done on YouTube, being a reworking of one I wrote a long time ago. With very minor updating it expresses what, and how, I feel about the crime against humanity that is the international handling of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Since you lot are my “online community” here are the value added facts about the song.

I wrote it in 1976, as an apologetics song suggesting that, with untruth pervading the institutions of communication, people should check out Christianity, but only after testing its truth claims.

There was certainly some Os Guinness thinking there at the time, but the immediate contexts were the New Left revolutionary movement and the wide acceptance of a whole bevy of fraudulent Eastern gurus.

The descendants of the New Left are still at the heart of the problem, but most of the world has discovered that, as in Guinness’s chapter title in The Dust of Death, “The East No Exit.” Tragically, the false prophets have become now the court scientists and global monopolists.

Back in ’76 I had a particular “cosmic” 12-string guitar sound in my head, even though it was three years before I owned a 12-string (the very one on the video). I only finally got that sound the day before yesterday in my home studio. Good things come to those who wait.

The other instrumentation, if anyone’s interested, is bass guitar and my usual home-made drum sound-font, with a solo using my Akai EWI, heavily overdriven.

One of my musical friends commented on my “COVID haircut,” with some justification. But it seems to me that this cliche needs a new interpretation given how things are turning out in England, Australia and so on, as the Trafalgar square video shows, where riot police club you on the head with truncheons if you demonstrate against loss of civil liberties. And so to close I give you…

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