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The social contract of vaccination

The ideal situation for my individual immunity from serious common diseases is that everybody gets compulsorily vaccinated except me. That way there’s nobody to give me the diseases, but I avoid both the risks of the injection and that nasty prick in the arm.

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Here’s a new song/video I’ve done on YouTube, being a reworking of one I wrote a long time ago. With very minor updating it expresses what, and how, I feel about the crime against humanity that is the international handling of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Guinness is good for you

An anniversary! It’s fifty years to the very day when I first went up to Cambridge University. Half a century – it doesn’t seem possible. I went up the old A10 with my long-suffering parents, who bore with my rather tense mood over lunch at some roadside hostelry in Ware, and helped me manhandle trunks, guitars and so on from the old Morris 1100 to my room on R staircase of Pembroke College.

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Swamidass puffs “Generations”

I guess it’s not too vain to include a review of The Generations of Heaven and Earth here. It was mentioned in a question to Joshua Swamidass in an interview about his own book on Adherent Apologetics. Thanks to whoever asked it! Here’s the clip:

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