The gangsters of science

Perhaps the most perceptive description I’ve seen recently of the national (for which read “Western”) zeitgeist is that the population has just received a software update.

For two years, systematically conditioned into unreasoning fear of a pandemic of rather dubious severity, the public has been channeled into seeing vaccines as their saviour, and “anti-vaxxers” as their enemy. Indeed, the quite deliberate strategy has been to paint the unvaccinated, all the unvaccinated, not only as heretics, but as murderers, despite the increasing evidence that the vaccines are largely ineffective and murderous. Most people were seeing truckers in Canada as Nazis and worse, not least because President Trudeau openly called them Nazis and worse… and all because they finally baulked at being forced to take a potentially lethal Mark of the Beast in order to make an increasingly precarious living.

Suddenly, though, the greatest existential threat to humanity in a century has disappeared from the news, to be replaced by unreasoning fear of a far-off war of dubious significance (see this pretty even-handed assessment from Switzerland, which may appear to be somewhat anti-Western because we’ve never thought to consider our own recent foreign policy sufficiently). Now, the virtuous, “safe and effective” good guy is Ukraine, standing in for the god “Democracy,” and we are encouraged to hate not only the savage madman Putin, but all Russians. In fact, anyone showing any sympathy towards Russia or Russians becomes a murderer too: my daughter tried to pay her hardworking Russian decorator last week and had the payment blocked – an inconvenience to her, but imagine what the decorator must feel.

Many people have been saying (because they read it in the news) that they never thought to see a war on European soil in 2022 – forgetting Serbia, perhaps – but we ought also to be asking how, in civilized 2022, our press and governments are reviving the same xenophobia that taught a previous generation that “the only good German is a dead German.” That we do not ask is because, despite two years of hard schooling, we still do not recognise propaganda when we see it. And no propaganda is more effective than war propaganda, since you’re actually allowed to both hate and kill your enemies (ie the murderers).

Today, though, although it may turn out to be relevant to the conflict in Ukraine, I want to get away from the war theme to discuss an interesting contention made by Robert F. Kennedy Jnr in his important book The Real Anthony Fauci. Fauci’s crucial responsibility, as the Edgar J. Hoover of science, in engineering the tragic course of the COVID-19 debacle, is in itself both astonishing and illuminating. Once, with the aid of Kennedy’s documentation, one sees the vast and corrupt financial, academic and political international power-base that Fauci has built up, as a kind of High Priest of Science for the US superpower dog that wags the global tail, a great deal of what has happened in the last two years becomes comprehensible.

In concert with a wealthy and unscrupulous pharmaceutical industry, and wealthy and unscrupulous NGOs funded by sociopathic billionaires, Fauci’s empire exercises sufficient control over the WHO to explain where the “political pressure” came from for it suddenly to advocate mask-wearing despite the science. The same influence is sufficient over the government scientists of foreign powers for them to join Fauci’s conference calls to suppress the lab-leak of SARS-CoV-2, as did Sir Patrick Vallance and Sir Jeremy Farrar back in early 2020. The science was all over the place because science was just a way to leverage profits. No mystery there.

What is more surprising is Kennedy’s contention that we mainly have Fauci to blame for the rise of cancel-culture and censorship across our whole society, from mixed-sex toilets to the death of science. This idea appears only intermittently in what I’ve read of the book so far, but though it seems far-fetched, it actually makes a good deal of sense. It may or may not be part of a deliberate plan, but the progression of insanity in society, to me, makes more sense because it began in the “soul” of Western society, which is to say its revered Science. Fish rot from the head down, they say.

For better or worse, and often for worse, the Enlightenment Project replaced public belief in the authority of the Bible with blind faith in the authority of science, mythologizing away the fact that science is a human enterprise as subject to corruption and evil as the Church ever was.

There were instances of major scientific censorship and bullying long before Fauci. The Neo-Darwinists back in the 1930s saw to it that their guys got into the seats of academic power, and that their rivals (for example W. L. McAtee ) were no longer published. John Rockefeller, whose Foundation is still puppeteering world events today, worked to make molecular medicine and patent drugs the sole acceptable model for medicine almost to this day. That project was so effective that, though an independent thinker, I was almost totally unaware that modern medicine was anything other than “the advance of science” until I retired from it.

But Fauci seems to have honed these techniques to a fine art. Over fifty years he has gained control of government funding, university faculties, professional journals, professional and regulatory bodies and even a compliant mass-media to ensure that the version of science that profits him and his cronies in science, government and industry became the sole truth. The methodology was refined back in the 1980s, in the AIDS crisis. A shaky hypothesis – little more than one virologist’s assertion at a press conference – was rapidly endorsed by Fauci, and hence by the US government, and hence by the world medical community, as the truth about AIDS.

Reputable critics were not only denigrated by a compliant academia, press and governments, but destroyed professionally. It was, I believe, Peter Duesberg who was the first to be termed a murderer for arguing against the imposed wisdom on HIV and AIDS. To voice any support for him therefore became not only a mistaken minority position (to be refuted by better evidence), and not even only to call down a scientific anathema, but to be complicit in mass murder. An effective deterrent to heterodoxy indeed.

One of the most fascinating pathways in this process is that thirty years or so of repeated condemnation of alternative views by all and sundry effectively replaced any necessity to demonstrate the truth of the HIV hypothesis. It became possible to say (and was said, particularly by Fauci) that the science was so well established that even debating with dissenters was not only a waste of time, but oxygen to dangerous misinformation.

Readers will be totally familiar with such arguments from the COVID pandemic, and may even have seen for themselves the way that Anthony Fauci never answers a question directly with science, but with assertions about the science, or occasionally with assertions that he is the science. What surprises me most is that he was called out over such tricks over AIDS back in the 1980s, and not only survived, but managed to make knowledge of his characteristic machinations disappear down the memory hole.

But it appears to me that there were those in the scientific, and wider academic, field who took note of, and copied, his methods in areas that, so far as I can see, have no direct connection to his empire. He seems to have become the role-model for big science that has destroyed science.

Here are a few examples. Although evolutionary theory and Creationism have been in metaphysical conflict for well over a century, in the 2000s the battle was renewed in the form of a highly positivist evolutionism (thanks to Richard Dawkins’s influence) versus the new field of Intelligent Design. The latter’s challenges have forced some serious thinking within biology, and where open discussion has, rarely, taken place, it has been fruitful. See, for example, Gordon and Dembski’s Nature of Nature. But a leaf was taken out of Fauci’s playbook by the scientific establishment, so that ID advocates were painted as unqualified or ignorant, and the science so settled that debate with them would be pointless. Even mainstream scientific discoveries have been downplayed so as not to give aid and succour to the Creationists – the ultimate anti-intellectual action, the direct equivalent of a prosecutor witholding evidence from the defence in case they prove their client’s innocence!

As in the case of Fauci and Big Pharma, there are huge vested interests in the standard evolutionary paradigm being true. As one scientist complained of Duesberg in the AIDS debate, he might be 3000% right, but he can’t go damaging the livelihoods of thousands of people by speaking out – and so he brought his unpersoning on himself. As happened in the AIDS question, and in COVID, there are many examples of scientists who say to Intelligent Design people, “I agree with you, but I daren’t speak out or I’ll lose my job and reputation.” And so, once again, it is more blessed to be average than right, even in science.

You would think that Fauci’s accusation that dissenting views cause mayhem and murder would never apply to theories of origins. But even that was done regarding Darwinism, by suggesting that the very existence of ID threatens to inaugurate a theocracy that would destroy intellectual freedom and cause millions of deaths from cancer (because population genetics applies to cancer cells, you see). Whereas, in reality in COVID and AIDS, it is the censorship of dissenting views that has destroyed intellectual freedom and caused millions of deaths.

A second example is the climate change industry. It almost seems superfluous to spell out the parallels with Fauciism: a small clique of scientists holding the strings of the IPCC, and through them governments, the silencing of alternative views (like AIDS, extending to public media policies to censor them), the professionals privately disbelieving in the anthropogenic apocalypse but knowing that to speak out would end their careers, and so on. And of course, because the science is settled by diktat there is no need to debate the basic science, but simply to assert that everyone has always know it – except for those murderers who would destroy the planet on behalf of Big Oil if not silenced.

A very similar process is seen in Identity Marxism. The factual and theoretical basis for all things woke is execrable, but it is treated by both the powerful influencers and the gullible influenced as beyond dispute by being so often asserted, and its opposition systematically silenced. This is achieved both by rewriting history, and biology come to that, and by playing the emotional card for all it is worth, as in war propaganda. A woman who says that there is such a thing as a woman is a murderer simply by existing on a university campus, say, or on the roster of a publisher, and threatens the very lives of the transsexuals anywhere. Apparently.

It is often said that wokeism is a religion, or a cult. But it is ironic that its cultish practices have been learned from a range of examples coming not from religion, but from several branches of physical science. It is several centuries since religion was exercised as a gangster ring, but that is what most of our public science has become. It would not surprise me, given the time course, to learn that some of the more woke academics watched and learned from how Anthony Fauci handled AIDS… and that is by no means far-fetched when you consider that the whole question of minority sexuality and gender rights took wings only because of the AIDS crisis Fauci managed and, arguably, created as a worldwide phenomenon.

In closing it is more than tempting to ask if some or all of these academic rackets are connected. After all, Fauci’s medical-industrial complex covers much of the ground of the recent pandemic, but not, apparently, the direct suppression of civil rights, the imposition of digital identities and so on that seem to link more to Klaus Schwab and the WEF. And yet Big Pharma, a complicit social media and press, and politicians are as involved with the one as with the other.

The same crowd (and the WEF itself) champion the policies of climate change. Although I’m not aware that Fauci has stated an opinion on that, Sir Patrick Vallance was certainly vocal on the matter when it briefly displaced COVID in the news as COP26. Did he exchange his £600k GSK shares for green energy stock?

BLM and racism became the convenient catalyst for demolishing history when the people were already on the ropes from lockdowns, and there were, and are, indicators that our Intelligence Services were abetting, rather than stymying, both BLM and Extinction Rebellion during those times. Somebody had to lay the Astroturf. And that brings us to the idea of the Deep State, which is very hard to avoid when considering how “Teflon Tony” (Fauci, that is, not Blair!) has developed and maintained his axis of evil under a succession of Presidents of both parties. He is both connected to the Deep State, and an example of it.

I have mentioned the “Medical Industrial Complex” in conscious imitation of the “Green Industrial Complex” coined, I believe, by Rupert Darwall. But the original appellation was Dwight D. Eisenhour’s warnings about the “Military industrial Complex,” manipulating geopolitics ostensibly for “freedom, democracy and the American Way” but actually to channel vast sums from taxpayers into the pockets of industrialists. The young soldiers and foreign civilians who die violently in the profit-making process are of no concern to those running the show. Just as fuel-poverty and loss of wealth are of no concern to the renewables industry (nor to the fossil-fuel industry that preceded them and has now “diversified” into green energy), and just as hiding the source and nature of COVID and imposing policies guaranteed to cause the most human damage are of no concern to corrupt Public Health authorities in thrall to Mammon.

All this being so, the abrupt transition from COVID hysteria to war hysteria may be no coincidence at all, bearing in mind how the whole COVID narrative was beginning to unravel and the costs of Net Zero were beginning to be widely known. Politicians waving sabres get forgiven for recent errors, and their advisors’ atrocities are forgotten until they are trotted out (with more knighthoods) the next time it’s the turn of an epidemic to instill the required international fear.

Ron de Santis recently said that Anthony Fauci is “on the witness protection program.” It would be nice to think so, but if the public can forget the “worst ever pandemic” in a week when the newsmen change gear, a war-scare, with or without Western boots on the ground, will enable him to collect his pension and die a hero. And Pfizer will still be able to pull a patented molecule randomly off the shelf and claim it treats deadly radiation sickness… so long as everybody takes it and they carry no liability.

Our comfort must be: “It is appointed to men once to die, and after that, the judgement.” And what a judgement that will be.

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  1. Levi says:

    It is indeed true that everyone, EVERYONE, is susceptible, and will fall victim to, any and all forms of narrative propaganda, no matter how incidental or insidious.

    The proof is quite straightforward:

    The Boy who cried “Wolf!” was actually telling the truth.

    • Avatar photo Jon Garvey says:

      All of us will be partly deceived in a propaganda culture. At least the boy told one consistent lie and anyone who believed him when there was no wolf got eaten only once. But propaganda is lies, and lies are always self-contradictory. Ergo those who succumb totally to it will become totally self contradictory: the population will be functionally insane. Seems familiar to me.

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