Corruption fatigue

You’ve heard of “compassion fatigue,” that phenomenon whereby frequent graphic depictions of human misery worldwide compete to be more graphic and frequent until the public eventually becomes saturated, and ceases giving to anything any more. I’m beginning to get a similar sense of saturation at the pervasive deception and corruption in our society.

My morning trawl through the news this morning alone brought up three stories that, once upon a time, would each have filled the front pages for months. But now I don’t even bother to pass them on to my friends, because those who have ears to hear are already deafened, and the rest are so impervious to reality that I know they will simply shrug and get back to 24-hour indoctrination from the BBC.

The first is the release of the first 50,000 pages of Pfizer’s data on their vaccine, which you’ll remember they and their “regulator” the FDA wanted to keep hidden for 70 years. They have no doubt released the most anodyne information first, and only up to February 2021. And they have redacted rather crucial information, such as the number of doses they sent out (that is, the essential denominator for the huge number of adverse reactions reported). It’s hard to think of any legitimate reason to exclude that information. So don’t waste time trying.

Anyway, there are a few analyses about, such as this from Steve Kirsch’s substack. And even the provisional analysis shows that vital information has been withheld from the public, none of it complimentary to the Pfizer jab.

One ongoing deception (into which even most sceptical commentators have, strangely, bought) is that the jabs were only ever claimed to reduce the severity of COVID, not block it. But this is a lie after the fact: even the original study report made it clear that number of cases was the endpoint of the trial, and the newly released documents make the claim of blocking immunity repeatedly – and this is what went to the FDA for emergency approval.

My own reluctant decision to accept the initial course (though I got AstraZeneca’s shot) was because I was reassured by reading the Pfizer trial report that, at least, short term reactions were not as bad as had feared. I was lied to: I had not yet learned that Big Pharma scientific papers are less reliable than detergent ads. I was lied to by the pharmaceutical corporations, by the regulatory authorities, and (through lack of properly informed consent) by the medical profession including my local doctor. And let’s not leave out SAGE.

The fact that neither governments nor most of the media have been in the least interested in picking up on this FOA release shows that they, as well as the entire apparatus of public health, are equally corrupt.

But hot on the heels of that I read that there is now a smoking gun (that is, a name) behind the scandalous trashing of the literature on the benefits of ivermection by Dr Andrew Hill. You may, perhaps, have been aware of the Zoom conversation between him and his former collaborator, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy. This is now available online and shows Hill’s evasive admission that his former positive assessment had been nobbled by his paymasters, the charity Unitaid (funded by various governments and the ubiquitous Gates Foundation and clearly directed by them too).

The downside is that social media and YouTube are consistently cancelling anyone who links to the video: they’re quick off the mark when it suits them.

Now, someone has cleverly gone through the code of the original pdf of Dr Hill’s toxic paper, and found in the metadata that it was composed on the computer of Professor Andrew Owen of Liverpool University, who not only has vested interests in patented anti-virals, but received $40m from Unitaid for his own project a few days before the paper came out.

Once again, this evidence of corruption throughout the academic, pharmaceutical and even charitable sectors is compounded by the lack of any press attention to a matter that has not only cost hundreds of thousands of lives, but which is of clear importance to all of us who have had nothing but COVID shoved in our faces for the last two years, but no ivermectin which might have ended it… and it would also have prevented all the grief caused by useless and dangerous (and corrupt) vaccines. Contrast that to social media’s alacrity in covering it up.

Last year I wrote to my GP, because my practice had enrolled in the official UK ivermectin trial, and I asked him if he did not think it was designed to fail, using too small doses, too late, for too short a time, and without the supportive therapy of the best regimes, which are easily available. I got no reply whatsoever.

But the trial was designed to fail, as were official trials of hydroxychloroquine and other cheap agents here and in the US. Those conducting the trials undoubtedly knew this, and those in the medical profession in the slightest way involved ought to have known it. And the government scientists who commissioned the studies not only knew, but designed them to fail… and the only plausible motive for that, apart from the suggestion of maximising deaths on eugenics principles, was to pave the regulatory way for overpriced experimental drugs. Corruption on a global scale.

I guess most who read this blog know by now that the existence of any effective COVID treatments would have obviated the emergency authorisation for all the vaccines, and all the new antivirals of which Anthony Fauci’s mainstay is the useless and toxic Remdesevir (whose own trials were also essentially fraudulent). Even were that not so, nobody takes a risky vaccine if they can get a simple and safe remedy with a Nobel Prize attached to it, like ivermectin.

Incidentally, the misinformation that has labelled ivermectin as “horse medicine” comes straight from the CDC, controlled by Fauci and his mob. You can’t breathe for smoking guns.

It’s hard to negotiate life when so many vital institutions across the “free” world seem complicit in such unimagineable corruption. But there’s more. The third story involves the persistent rumours of US biosecurity laboratories, funded by taxpayers’ defence money, in Ukraine. These, ostensibly, are researching diseases that are never found there, but that are often used in bioweapons (such as the deadly anthrax). When this rumour was aired last week, the internet conspiracy theorists were quickly put down in all the media by factcheckers consulting the governments of the US and Ukraine, those fountains of pure truth.

But now the existence of these laboratories has been admitted, under oath, by Victoria Newland, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State for Political Affairs. She incidentally helped engineer the Ukrainian coup of 2014, using Nazi snipers to fire on police and protesters alike to install a more favourable government for Hunter Biden’s corruption, amongst other things. She it was who, in a phone call after the 2014 insurrection, said “F*** the EU,” who were working with the old regime. Nice Lady, and clearly a friend of Britain, too.

Anyway, the information comes in a segment by Tucker Carlson, who is emerging as virtually the only MSM voice to ask real questions about the current war hysteria, if you don’t count perennial otliers like Peter Hitchens.

Consider this: biological weapon research is illegal by international treaty, only don’t think of that when talking about the “dual purpose” US-funded research in Wuhan that has produced a pestilence that still encircles the world almost as pervasively as the tissue of lies spun to hide its origins by all the above institutions. And for this reason, when, fraudulently, the US said that Saddam’s government on the other side of the world had them, it was the excuse for all our governments to invade with shock, awe, and untold thousands of civilian deaths. Iraq’s infrastructure, political institutions, cultural heritage and Christian church were destroyed for a Dodgy Dossier, and the villains got rich and powerful.

So now we find that not only was the West pouring conventional weapons into Ukraine, a corrupt country not even affiliated to NATO (as they are now doing even more intensively), amidst threats that Russia’s remaining power must be broken and its leadership replaced as Ukraine’s was. It was also setting up germ-warfare labs across a nation adjacent to Russia’s border and expecting them to put up with it.

And the media response to this revelation of American jingoism? Not only do they unanimously parrot Newland’s fears that the oh-so-peaceful labs (not secured when war broke out – shades of Afghanistan’s abandoned US weapons last year) will fall into Russian hands and magically become bioweapons, but they’re pushing a narrative that Russia is determined to make this a biological war, just as the capture of nuclear power stations was taken as evidence of imminent nuclear disaster.

What possible motive have I to believe any of this stuff? Biden and Johnson speak English, but so did Ronnie and Reggie Kray. This is just more projection, the universal if tired propaganda weapon most employed nowadays (“Putin is a Nazi – forget the Nazis fighting him in Donbas.” “Internet doctors peddle dangerous misinformation – forget the millions of lives lost because of our official lies.” But it’s also just too much dog-crap to take in at one sitting. Might it not be possible to limit ourselves to one revelation of our society’s utter corruption per day, if only to help bloggers like me?

Unfortunately, I think we’re well past the point where such rationing of deception is possible.

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