A request to Boris and his chums

Towards the end of The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy outlines the pandemic exercises initiated by US bioweapons “military, medical and intelligence planners,” an explanation that floods the lockstep mismanagement of COVID-19 over the last two years with light.

Such exercises date back to at least 1999, and as Kennedy observes, they

focused, ominously, not on public health, but on the quandary of how to impose control over the U.S. and global populations during public health emergencies, how to sweep away civil rights and impose mass obedience to military and medical technocrats.

For example, “Atlantic Storm” in 2003 and 2005 “hosted a summit of transatlantic military and intelligence agency planners coordinating responses after a radical terrorist band unleashes smallpox.”

Now, all this was played out against a background of US dreams of world domination, illicit bioweapons research disguised as “defence” befuddled by a smokescreen of health concerns over “pandemic preparation”; the corruption of Big Pharma, government, corporate philanthropy and the revolving door between them… and that’s before we get to people like the WEF actually wanting to reset and control us all.

But speculation apart, the above shows us that the COVID response (perhaps appropriately, given the sinister origin of SARS-CoV-2) did not originate in established public health practice, but in military and intelligence circles conditioned to think in terms of command and control solutions. Furthermore, the participants seem to have been soused in the dubious ideas for controlling bioterrorism first promoted in the George W. Bush White House by Robert Glass, and to be obsessed with experimental over-priced vaccines as almost the sole medical tool in the box (apart from experimental over-priced antivirals).

Kennedy adds

Characteristically, the assembled eminences bypassed any discussion of bolstering people’s immune system response or testing and distributing off-label therapeutics and went directly to recommending militarized strategies including police state controls, mass propaganda and censorship, and the suspension of civil rights and due process rulemaking in favor of diktats by health authorities, all aimed at coercive vaccination of the population.

The mix became even more toxic in a simulation of 2005 by Robert Mercer’s UK behavioural science outfit Strategic Communication Laboratories, the parent company for Cambridge Analytica, of which you have perhaps heard – whichever stone you turn over in this business reveals another nest of loathsome creatures. Their approach, in order to prevent mass panic and casualties from a supposed terrorist smallpox attack, was to feed disinformation and manufactured medical data via the press and professions in order to control the people. The link between behavioural science and “the defence market and homeland security market” was thus established. In Britain at least it was institutionalised in the Behavioural Insights Team in 2010 under Tony Blair, initially advising on speed-bumps and the placing of “healthy foods” on supermarket shelves, but coming into its own as SPI-B during the pandemic. By feeding disinformation and manufactured medical data via the press and professions, causing mass panic.

And so it can be seen that, quite apart from Klaus Schwab or the Chinese Communist Party, all the governments of the world were simply putting into effect an action plan perfected, if that is the word, over two decades. One might charitably concede that the whole thing was intended by our leaders to minimise the effect of what Fauci, Vallance and Farrar (at least) knew from the start was a bioweapon pandemic, even if accidentally released.

The problem that has emerged is that the whole plan, once taken out of the simulation and into the real world, is crap. The draconian measures did not prevent the spread of an aerosol virus (and wouldn’t have prevented smallpox either, in all likelihood), lockdowns increased deaths from all causes, the behavioural manipulation created mass mental illness from which we’re still suffering, and the vaccines – the end purpose of it all – have turned out to be useless at every level and to have increased all-cause mortality by a number of mechanisms, most of which were predictable. Additionally, the totalitarian measures have led to huge civil unrest, societal division, and deep distrust of every official institution. If Justin Trudeau were to be believed, it has also multiplied the number of dangerous terrorists.

I’m not aware that the preparatory exercises included fomenting a European war to tidy up the loose ends of the bioterrorism attack, but it’s not far-fetched to think that the same international players, informed and instructed by US intelligence and military agencies, have been panicked into doing just that by the mess their hubris and contempt for common decency has caused. It’s rather ironic, if that were the case, that said war has turned up a few more illegal examples of US bioweapons research in Ukraine.

Be that as it may, let me end on a charitable note and assume that all of this was done with the best possible intentions. Boris et al – I get it that you saw the gold badges and the billion dollar budgets and trusted that these clowns and crooks knew what they were talking about. National leaders now appear to be ad-libbing how to pick up the pieces of the collapse of the fraudulent narrative and unscientific management: that wasn’t covered in the exercises, it seems.

But perhaps you meant well originally. All I would ask of you is that you never, EVER, try the same stuff again, and that you stop listening to the CIA, the NIAID, SPI-B and all that bio-terrorism and vaccine obsessed crowd, and start hiring some real epidemiologists to advise you in future. And maybe you could be more sceptical of the Wellcome Foundation, GAVI, Bill Gates, the WHO and Anthony Fauci than you have.

I do indeed ask that – pretty please. Only given how the current news cycle is going, it looks as though exactly the same people are running the new show.

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