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When the law becomes a tool of the State

An English friend in the US has reminded me of the current case of the journalist Graham Phillips, an English citizen journalist who has been reporting from Donbas since 2014, but who has now been put under anti-Russian sanctions by our government. He interviews the wrong people, and they say the wrong things, as far as our official narrative is concerned. This means his bank assets can all be seized, together with any residence he owns in England.

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When is a skeptic not a skeptic?

An article in the Daily Skeptic recently was by an Australian who had, before COVID, classed himself as a “skeptic,” contributing to websites pouring scorn on pseudoscience, and so on, as compared to Proper Science. The article expressed his disillusion with the way that science, and in particular medical science, got subverted during the pandemic. A common tale, you’ll agree.

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Our collective genocide

I posted a comment under a Daily Mail article on the recent assasination of Ayman al-Zawahiri in a civilian district of Kabul. I wondered when it became legitimate for us and our allies to explode missiles in distant countries with which we are not at war (and incidentally in breach of the 2020 withdrawal agreement). I further asked whether it would therefore also be legitimate for Xi Jinping to take out Joe Biden at the White House because of his regime’s position on Taiwan, or for that matter for Vladimir Putin to hit 10 Downing Street since Boris Johnson (and Liz Truss) are major players in the Ukraine proxy-war.

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