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Exploring the theological status of ancient man (1)

When I wrote The Generations of Heaven and Earth, whose central theme is the Genealogical Adam and Eve paradigm, I spent some pages discussing the status of those people “outside the garden,” on the assumption that an Adam and Eve around the Chalcolithic period, as suggested by the text, would have had many contemporaries. By that time, after all, and indeed very much earlier, human traces are known from all around the world.

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Unidentified Aerial Putins

When I last wrote about UFOs (now officially and paradoxically relabelled “UAPs” though, we are told, the government knows they are alien spacecraft and therefore “objects” and not merely “phenomena”), it was in the wake of the release of the “Tic-tac” episode by the Pentagon. I speculated, tongue in cheek, about the possibility that they might simply be the equivalent of interstellar dolphins rather than anything more intelligent.

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How to spot deception before researching it

Words of wisdom for the times by the excellent Nick Hudson:

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Refugee crisis hits Springwatch

I’ve remarked from time to time how the BBC series Springwatch (and its other seasonal offshoots) has learned to treat bad-anthropogenic-climate-change as the default explanation for every apparent change in Britain’s natural world, being obligatorily appended to any more scientific explanation that may be to hand. Hence the recurrent phrase, “Apart from the usual causes, like loss of habitat and climate changeā€¦”

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Humpism, not ID, is the real enemy of Science™

What’s the connection between Nigel Farage and the the Intelligent Design Movement? Well none, directly, or else it would certainly have appeared in his Coutts Bank Dossier and been used as further evidence of his unsuitability to be their customer. But conceptually there is a connection, in that what first made me aware of the prevalence of propaganda, disinformation and cancellation in our society was the way that ID was treated by mainstream scientists, their progressive Evangelical acolytes in the form of BioLogos, and broader societal organs like the press and judiciary.

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How did vaccines become sacred cows?

Towards the end of 2021, I did a piece on how the obvious abuses of science and medical ethics in the development and roll-out of COVID genetic medications (aka “vaccines”) had led me to re-evaluate my enthusiasm for vaccines in general.

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Lab leak narrative management

Take a look at this piece by a virologist, about his attendance at three virology conferences supposedly discussing the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

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Discontinuities all the way down

Laplace’s 1814 Demon sums up the mechanistic universe of the Enlightenment well. An all-seeing being, knowing the position and velocity of every atom in the Universe, could infallibly describe any moment in the past and predict every event in the future. The implication is that a half-decent scientist could go at least a fair way along that path to omniscience.

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How Peppa Pig lost her faith

Peppa Pig says, “Everyone likes jumping in muddy puddles! (Snort!)” And all her friends laugh and agree.

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All made up and nowhere to go (1)

In a recent post, I critiqued “Old Adam” views of Genesis 2, mainly on biblical grounds. Rejecting such views either means embracing “No Adam” theories (including, of course, “Metaphorical Adam” theories), requiring a complete heterodox re-working of Jewish and Christian theology, which I won’t discuss here, or accepting a “Young Adam” within the last few thousand years.

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