This is the Night

Here’s another lockdown video for you , once more from a remix of an old recording of one of my songs. The views of The Vegetable Man have been encouraging, so the effort seems worthwhile.

This one’s in darker vein than the last, and would probably be more effective when countries produce their first emergency budgets after lockdown and, in the UK particularly, reveal just how big a knife we’ve stuck in the economy. The Nobel Prizewinner Michael Levitt estimates that, whereas the usual averaged cost of a death (using “quality added life years,” or “QUALYs”), and therefore the “economic” health cost of saving it medically, is £40,000, the cost of each and every COVID death, because of lockdown, probably runs into millions. Bearing in mind that the a majority of those dying would have perished from other causes within the year, statistically, that is a high cost indeed.

Anyway, back to the song. Because it is basically the apocalyptic imagery of the Revelation of John set to music, it was culturally relevant even when I wrote it many years ago, but the video tries to map the images rather literally to the current state of the world.

The almost subliminal images are deliberate – the Book of Revelation is awash with significant details that are lost on the reader until further reflection. It seems likely the book was written to be read out loud to the churches, and then taken and studied against the Scriptures by their prophets and teachers to understand more fully. So for any of you willing to embrace my pretensions, a second viewing with finger hovering over the “pause” button is required!

There is hope in the darkness, but not from the strategies of activists, politicians or scientists.

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Optimophobia in science

The leader of the UK opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, was quoted on the BBC news today as saying that if there is any increase in the Coronavirus “R-number” it will be the direct fault of the government. And therein lies much of the cause of the current fear pandemic across the world.

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The New Normal – a Brave New World

YouTube algorithms gave me a “blast from the past” last week, in the form of videos by Dr Vernon Coleman. Vernon was writing for the same medical periodicals as I was back in the early eighties, though he started five years before me, and because he gave up clinical practice, was also writing for the major newspapers and producing books long after I eased off on that aspect of my career.

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The Vegetable Man

Here’s another lockdown video, in rather sillier vein than the last couple, to cheer up those still confined. It’s another remix of an old song of mine.

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Interview on Generations of Heaven and Earth

Peaceful Science has just published an interview-style article on the last book here. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

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Save the NHS

That slogan, together with “Stay Home,” has been dropped from England’s political messaging, but it’s an interesting one to focus on a little in the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 saga.

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Lockdowns, stable-doors, etc

This is really just recycling the work of others, but since such stuff gets little consistent press coverage, it’s worth pondering on the day when Boris Johnson is set to announce Lockdown v1.02. By all accounts this is more or less the same except for asking the airlines to function under a two-week visitor quarantine rule, and public transport to cover its costs with only 10% of its usual passenger numbers.

The new normal, it seems, will have everybody walking and cycling to their old folk’s lunches. Who needs to leave the villages anyway, when the roads are in such disrepair because Road-tax dries up?

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Myth-making in action

Today is VE Day, and is notable for the fact that my sax quartet has been deprived of two lucrative engagements at commemorations in two adjacent seaside towns, because of lockdown. What self-sacrifice war engenders!

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More more music

I’ve posted another remix of one of my songs on YouTube, accompanied by another attempt at video support.

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Implicit divine sovereignty in Genesis

I entitled my recent book, The Generations of Heaven and Earth, from the words of Genesis 2:4, which is the first “toledot” passage in the book.

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